Unsure what to get the travel enthusiast in your life? These are  a few of my favorite things!

1. Raden Luggage - Carryons start at $295. I am obsessed with Raden's gorgeous, and super affordable luggage. They also have lots of built-in tech features like a scale and charger. If I hadn't just purchased this Tumi carry-on (I chose it for it's expandability, and front pocket that can fit my MacBook Air!), Raden would be #1 on my list.

2. Minted Gold Foil City Map - starts at $36.  Commemorate your home city, or a favorite place to visit. Endless cities available, as well as framing options.

3. Flight 001 Clear Quart Travel Bag - $12. I a member of #teamcarryon (even for multi-country, multi-climate, multi-week trips!), so a TSA-approved clear quart bag is a must.

4. Swell Metallic Water Bottle - $47. Swell bottles are great for keeping your beverage of choice hot or cool. I always travel with a water bottle, to minimize my waste on airplanes, or in countries where drinking bottled water is advisable. (I still advise drinking bottled water, but this way you can purchase by the gallon+ and refill your bottle as needed.) If you prefer a water bottle with a filter, this Camelbak option is perfect, or if space is an issue, this water bottle by Vapur packs flat, but stands on it's own when filled.

5. Panasonic Over-Ear Headphones - $45.95. I simply cannot travel without over-ear headphones, and I love this inexpensive (but quality!) option from Panasonic. I've actually been known to purchase new headphones at the airport (sadly, more than once). I'm not an audiophile, but personally, I haven't noticed a difference with noise-cancelling options (I also own a Bose set). Headphones that completely surround the ear are where it's at.

6. New York Times 36 hours - $32. I have several of these NYT books, and not only do they look pretty on your coffee table, but the guides are stellar.

7. Polaroid Instax Camera - $54.99. As a professional photographer, I'm pretty picky about my cameras, and film is my preferred medium. I love this fun option by Polaroid, but if digital is more your style (and/or film is too expensive), I also love this Olympus mirrorless camera (bonus: cute vintage style and compact size), the iPhone 7+ (worth getting the + for the "Portrait Mode"), or the GoPro (if you have the cash, get a version with an LCD screen- so much easier to use).

8. Gold Foil World Map - $39. I'm obsessed with maps. I love dreaming of far off places and this is a pretty piece of art I can hang out home to remind me of my travels. I love this scratch-off map as well.

9. E-Bags Packing Cubes - $34.99. For optimal organization and saving space, packing cubes are life-changing! I don't even know how I packed before them. You'd be amazed at the amount of clothing that can fit into packing cubes. (I'm a proponent of folding flat vs. rolling.) These matching pouches are great for packing non-liquid toiletries, electronics/cords/chargers, or anything else that needs organizing. All cubes and pouches are machine washable.

10. Kate Spade Portable Phone Charger - $60. When I travel I often find myself putting my phone in airplane mode to ensure I have battery for a full day of taking pictures, but a throw a slim portable charger in your purse and your phone will be fully charged all day!

11. Flight 001 Luggage Tag - $7. Anyone that has experienced the pain of lost luggage, knows the importance of carrying on AND properly labeling your luggage with a cute luggage tag just in case!

12. Multi-way Outlet Adapter - $39.95. Perfect for those multi-country trips. 

13. Cuyana Leather Travel Wallet - $185. I am a huge fan of Cuyana and their "fewer, better" philosophy. This leather wallet is an investment piece, but I've been using it daily (not just for travel!) for over a year, and it is worth every penny. This wallet easily organizes multiple currencies, your passport, printed boarding passes (a must when traveling internationally in case your phone dies or your internet insists on not loading that random airline app), and even has a zippered coin purse. It doubles as a chic clutch and easily holds an iPhone 7+. Bonus: I get constant compliments, at home and abroad.

14. Zippi Portable Fan - $14.99. I hate sleeping in silence, and though this app can create white noise, there's no substitute for a real fan. This version folds to roughly the size of a softball and packs easily in a carryon. Extra bonus: you can actually use the fan in hot, humid, or tropical climates, in case your AirBnB doesn't have AC.

15. New Balance for J.Crew Sneakers - $80. When I'm traveling, comfort is key. I'm not the type of gal that will contort my feet into uncomfortable shoes for the sake of looking cute. Luckily there are so many sneaker options that look super chic and are as comfortable as running shoes. If you don't want to scrub the soles of your white sneakers in a hotel sink every night (like I do!), check out these darker options by Nike or New Balance.