It's the ultimate travel question: what should I pack?!

I traveled to Scotland in March. My trip involved time in the city, the country, and lots of driving, exploring, and hiking. I'm a Team Carry On - I try to avoid checking bags when I can.  I dislike rolling a suitcase over cobblestone streets, up flights of stairs, and in general, I just prefer to have less. (This applies to my home life too, where I'm a self-proclaimed minimalist!)

In addition to tech gear, toiletries, and under garments, above is what I packed for two weeks.

1. Rain Jacket (similar). The spring weather in Scotland can vary quite a bit, and I could've brought a heavy parka, but instead I opted for layers. (See No. 2 and 4.) A stylish rain jacket is perfect solution for outerwear - it's cute enough to wear in the city, but can also handle hiking, rain, and snow. I prefer a long version that hits mid-thigh and I opted for hunter green - which I consider a neutral. Big pockets make it ideal for hiking, as I didn't bring a day pack or backpack.

2. Hoodie. This a great layering piece that works well under a rain jacket, or on it's own on sunnier days. Like most of my wardrobe (whether traveling or at home) I stick to neutral colors for max versatility.

3. Knit Hat. Perfect for keeping warm or covering unwashed hair on hikes.

4. Down Vest. I love Uniqlo's Lightweight Down line. It packs as flat as a tissue tee, yet adds oodles of warmth. Perfect for under a rain jacket, over a hoodie, or on it's own.

5. Cashmere Scarf. This washable version from Kit & Ace is lightweight enough for summer climates, yet warm enough for winter. It's also HUGE and can be used as a shawl or blanket.

6. Mittens. 'Nuff said.

7. Long cardigan. I like this long (covers the butt - appropriate for leggings) open-front version from H&M. The dappled grey/black/white knit goes perfectly with almost anything.

8. Striped tee. I like a looser, longer fit that I can wear over jeans or leggings.

9. Solid tee. See No. 8. I packed a warm blush tone that works nicely into my otherwise black/grey/white wardrobe.

10. Basic tanks. Great for layering for a little extra warmth and as a base layer for when you work up a sweat hiking. These basics from H&M are affordable, and the fabric dries quickly, so I can wash in a bathroom sink and hang dry overnight.

11. Tunic-length button down. I like to add a little pattern here (still keeping it super neutral). I usually opt for a oversize, loose fit, and roll up the sleeves for a casual look.

12. Skinny jeans. You favorite pair will do! Jeans take it up a notch from basic black leggings and are great for exploring the city.

13. Black leggings (x2). Perfect for airplane travel days, car days, or hiking. I brought pairs from The Gap that have minimal seams (so they don't look too athletic) and can be worn with a button down or long tees.

14. Cross-body tote. When I travel, I prefer to have my hands free to take pictures or navigate, so a cross body strap is a must. This bag also doubles as my personal item on the plane, so in addition to fitting my large, professional camera, it needs to hold my travel wallet, a book, a journal and other odds and ends.

15. Fair isle socks. I like to have a cozy pair of socks for airplane days (so I can slip off my shoes, yet still keep my feet covered), colder hikes, or for lounging at BnBs.

16. Vans. The perfect street shoes. For me, these are comfy enough to walk in all day and look chic. Comfortable ballet flats would be an alternative.

17. Birks. The comfiest sandle ever. I love these for walking around cities, and even short hikes. These are great to keep in the trunk of your car on road trips, as they slip on and off quickly and can handle everything from rain, to sand, to salt water.

18. Hiking shoes. If I'm planning on doing any extensive hiking, I bring my hiking shoes! These guys are waterproof and ultra comfy. They're neutral enough to wear around the city on super rainy days when I don't want to ruin my vans.

19. Striped cropped leggings. These are great for car days, or hikes. Just a little twist on the basic black legging and a touch shorter for warmer, sunnier days.