I'm Laura, the girl behind pie&thesky, 
and I believe a life of travel & adventure
is well within reach. 

Image by  The McCartneys



I'm a film photographer who craves travel and adventure. My background is in design and architecture, and in the mysterious way that life often works, I eventually found myself working as a full time photographer. I consider myself incredibly lucky to do what I love every day. Not only has my work brought me to far off destinations, but it also allows me flexibility to wander on my own accord. This website is my way of archiving and sharing my travel experiences. I hope it inspires wanderlust in your own life.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Minnesota but recently migrated to the lovely city of Chicago with my adorable rescue pup, Cali. In the past, I've lived in such exotic places as Fargo, North Dakota; Salamanca, Spain; New York, New York and have spent most of my adult years in Minneapolis, MN. I've also "lived" for short three month stints in Budapest and Bali. 

Why the name? Pie & the Sky is derived from the pet name bestowed upon me in my formative college years, Pie. "And the sky" pays homage to the air travel frequently required to get to the destinations I have been lucky enough to visit. "Pie in the sky" as a idiom represents an idea that is well intentioned, but unlikely to come to fruition. Travel is often like that... we dream and wish, but sometimes fall short. Contrary to popular belief, I believe a life of travel & adventure is well within reach.